TV shop success in South-Korea

Screenshot from the Lotte TV Channel of the presentators of VivoMega and Jell Cell omega-3 capsules.

In South-Korea, TV Shop is extremely popular!

Our Distributor Fine BS has worked with a partner “Jell Cell” to launch a premium product using our premium product VivoMega Super DHA. The TV show aired on “Lotte homeshopping TV Channel” and lasted for one hour. It was very successful as all products were sold out before end of the broadcast.

Each package containes two months worth of capsules. The oil is targetting general health claims mood, stress and memory.
It’s always interesting to see the luxurious touch the designers in South Korea bring to the packaging.

Elegant and luxurious design on the VivoMega and Jell Cell omega-3 capsule box.
Do you want your omega-3 capsules to look like pearls in a juwelry box?
Easy to swallow and providing your daily dose of high EPA, VivoMega and Jell Cell capsules.
One capsule a day of VivoMega and Jell Cell Super DHA omega 3 is providing daily dose of DHA.

It’s always a pleasure to see co-branding so beautifully executed. If you are interested in co-branding, please contact your regional sales manager.