VivoMega Omega-3 EPA and DHA are essential for the development and function of the brain.

Learning & Behavior

Studies have shown that Omega-3 DHA
may have a positive effect on learning and
behavioral disorders such as ADHD.

Mood Disorders

Research has shown that Omega-3 EPA
has positive effect on depression and
bioplar disorder.

Cognitive Health

A diet low in Omega-3 DHA can have a
negative effect on neurocognitive
development, including learning and

Cognitive Development

During pregnancy, while still a foetus, and for the first two years of life, the brain is growing quickly. DHA is an essential lipid in the cosntruction of brain tissue and the development of a healthy brain. Research have shown that a higher maternal intake of DHA may be correlated to reduced sadness and distress in the infant and support cognitive function later in the children’s life.

Use of Omega-3 supplementation have also been shown to improve reading abilities, spelling, attention and behavior in children.

Cognitive Health

Human studies support that a high enough intake of Omega-3 benefits behavior, mood and certain brain disorders. In adults and the aged it has been shown that higher intake of Omega-3 reduces incidence of dementia and cognitive decline.


Omega-3 DHA supports cognitive function throughout our entire lives. DHA plays a role in ensuring brain cell activity is maintained at an optimal level. As we age the concentration of DHA in our brain decreases. A diet deficient in Omega-3 DHA and EPA can deprive the nervous system of a critical nutritional component that affects the body’s ability to learn, think and regulate mood. Ensuring an adequate amount of Omega-3 DHA and EPA from supplementation or diet is vital to ensuring lifelong brain health.

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Recommended Daily Intake

250 mg per day of Omega-3 DHA for adults contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function. 200 mg of DHA intake a day during pregnancy contributes to the normal brain development of the fetus. Both recommendations are in addition to the daily recommended intake of 250 mg of combined Omega-3 EPA and DHA.

A minimum of 1,500 mg of balanced EPA and DHA has shown to promote a healthy mood balance.

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