GC Rieber was founded by Gottlieb Christian Rieber in Bergen, Norway in 1879. Originally a leather-trading company, the business rapidly expanded into other areas.

GC Rieber history

In 1920 GC Rieber moved into fish oil production with the purchase of the Knarrevik fish oil factory and in 1950 the company expanded further with the purchase of a cod liver plant in Tromsø. It was these early ventures that led GC Rieber to become the majority stakeholder in Alnes Marine Oils, the company that today holds the name GC Rieber VivoMega. In 2010 GC Rieber VivoMega completed construction of a high concentrate production facility and became a leading producer of Omega-3 concentrates from fish oil. The facility has expanded five times since then to keep up with the growing demand.

Our VivoMega portfolio of oils offers a wide range of EPA and DHA ratios that are available in both ethyl ester (EE) and natural triglyceride (TG) form, with a total Omega-3 content ranging from 70 – 90%. Our state-of-the-art production equipment, rigorous monitoring and testing allow us to produce oils that consistently exceed international standards, such as the GOED monograph and IFOS 5-star.

Over our long history, we have continually evolved to meet the growing demands of the global Omega-3 market. We have been able to accomplish this by maintaining our three Core Values:



We enjoy the challenge of finding new ways of doing things, and we dare to question established “truths”.


We are constantly looking for new opportunities and work tirelessly to transform those opportunities into tangible results.


We go about our business with a strong sense of responsibility towards our customers, society, the environment and each other.

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As a family company GC Rieber is driven by a desire for economic, human and social development. The balance between financial strength, a robust corporate culture and respect for our environment is at the heart of who we are.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The company shall treat natural resources with respect, never to be squandered. These resources are to be passed on to future generations in at least as good shape as they were in when we took over.

— The GC Rieber business pinciples

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At GC Rieber, we believe our social responsibility is to maintain a sustainable environment within our entire business operation. We feel that this is important to the long-term success of the Omega-3 industry as a whole. By focusing on improvements within the business and actively using internal expertise to drive economic, environmental and social change, we believe that the Omega-3 industry can better support international sustainability programs.

Our corporate social responsibility initiatives are an integral part of our organization’s guiding principles and they are reflected in our business goals. At GC Rieber, each business area identifies sustainability goals and aligns them with our stakeholders’ expectations. These goals are turned into action plans which are implemented both internally and externally, with a focus on continuous improvement. To ensure alignment with our partner relationships, we have developed a specific policy within our Code of Conduct for responsible supplier management.

Human rights and decent working conditions

Information on how the GC Rieber Group works with human rights and decent working condition, as well as the Group’s compliance with the Norwegian Transparency Act (Åpenhetsloven) effective 1st July 2022, can be found here.

GC Rieber Foundation

The GC Rieber family recognized early on that they had a responsibility to give back to the broader community. As a result, the first charitable fund was established in 1929. Our vision today is to support people with extra needs through their lives from children to elderly persons.
The GC Rieber Foundation manages philanthropic and charitable contributions to benevolent and social initiatives across a wide array of cultural and scientific projects. For instance the foundation is contribution on a study of high doses of Omega-3, that may reduce inflammations for patients with arthritis together with Haukeland University Hospital,
Contact us for more information about the GC Rieber Foundation and our Corporate Social Responsibility.

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UN Global Compact

In 2010 GC Rieber joined the UN Global Compact initiative. This is currently the world’s largest initiative for corporate social responsibility and includes more than 8,000 businesses from 145 different countries around the world.

The UN Global Compact has established universal guidelines that encourage and demonstrate how businesses should take into account the following principles:

  • Labour rights
  • Human rights
  • Protection of the environment
  • Anti-corruption

For more information on UNGC visit UN Global Compact.

The Ocean – our most valuable resource

We belive that natural resources should be passed on to future generations in at least as good shape as they were when we took over.

— The GC Rieber business pinciples