Thoughts from two tradeshows

Tradeshows are typically places where we meet both existing and new customers. However the pandemic has put a stop for that the last year and a half, making our whole business think outside the box.

In order to tell our customers the exciting news about our Platinum range of omega-3 concentrates, let them know we’re expaning our capacity and launching our sampling program, we’ve had to use team-meetings and zoomconferances.

Nonetheless, meeting people face to face is still the best way to interact. Therefore our sales managers have successfully attended both Vitafoods trade show in Geneva and Supply Side West in Las Vegas.

Here are their geniune feedback!

Vitafoods 2021

Simon Riise, Karete Rolfsen and Ståle Søfting at Vitafoods

There was a sense of excitement of finally being able to have the European nutrition industry come together again at Vitafoods 2021 in Geneva. After over 18 months of lockdowns, restrictions and Teams meetings only, we witnessed the successful execution of the first larger scale industry gathering in Europe since the onset of the pandemic.

While foot traffic and visitor numbers down versus pre-pandemic, we had a healthy turnout at the show. For all of us it is was a confirmation that we can take part in a safe event, which certainly makes the outlook for Vitafoods 2022 in May next year look very promising.

While we have all learned and will most certainly benefit from the efficiency of virtual meetings, we can also expect the hybrid models to remain a part of future shows. The networking, small talk, informal meetings and other physical interactions which cannot be recreated on Teams is a valuable part of physical gatherings in the industry.

Ståle Søfting, Sales and Marketing Director

Supply Side West 2021

Christopher Hachey at Supply Side West

First congratulations to the SSW Team for organizing this great event in Las Vegas.  This event was changing right up to the moment the doors opened!  While EU & Asia attendance was down due to COVID Travel restrictions, the show was still very attended.

Suppliers and customers were both happy to see one another in person after almost 19 months of travel restrictions and video conference calls.  SSW confirmed why it is so important to have in person meetings & social time together, allowing for great conversations, in a relaxed setting, for all.

I personally enjoyed the lower attendance which allowed for better, longer, more productive one-on-one meetings and conversations.

The interactions with colleagues, customers and friends was appreciated by all!

I even had time to wonder the show on day two to see “what is new”. Even our competition were happy to see me and talk about the state of the Omega3 industry and the high demands for Omega3 oils globally.

Our distributor partners from Canada and the Unite States both had a very busy two days of meetings and general conversations.

Overall take away from the show is that it looks like 2022 & 2023 will continue to be challenging for manufactures. Brands, customers alike, logistics, manufacturing, etc will all continue to be the focus of our daily conversations as will the new online sales world, as it is increasing faster than any of us could have predicted.

Christopher Hachey, US Business Development Manager