Recognized as award winner at AOCS

Kristiansund 17th August 2020

Laboratory manager Magdalena Sobieska-Pietrzak could proudly present the very exiting news that the laboratory at GC Rieber Oils, now VivoMega, is among the top 10% of analysts in their series. 

Congratulations to Magdalena Sobieska-Pietrzak (Lab. Manager), Vitalija Mozeikaite (QC), Analyst: Paul Kristoffersen, Kristianne Bolli, Ivan Bruset, Arnt Olsen, Solveig Andersen and Saranya Sørensen of the GC Rieber Oils Laboratory Team, @GCRieber, for being a 2019 to 2020 Lab Proficiency Program (LPP) Award Winner, which recognizes this lab’s dedication to conducting rigorous analyses in the lab. This lab is among the top 10% of analysts in their series. 

Ring test (mg/g and oxidation analysis) was performed on 6 different oil samples by each GC Rieber analyst. No outliers were observed and the obtained results classiefied the laboratory to be the Approved Chemist again. 

The AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program (LPP) is the world’s most extensive and respected collaborative proficiency testing program for oil- and fat-related commodities, oilseeds, oilseed meals and edible fats. More than 500 chemists participate to verify and demonstrate their lab’s quality control.

Read more about the AOCS program here. 

From left: QC Engineer Vitalija Mozeikaite, Laboratory Manager Magdalena Sobieska-Pietrzak, Laborant Paul Kristoffersen and Saranya Sørensen