Global Omega3 day – 3. March 2022

Let’s celebrate the health benefits and spread the awareness of Omega3s.

Every Norwegian know that Cod Liver Oil is good for you. Whenever someone is being too strong or too active, we state “Did you take too much Møller’s Cod Liver Oil ?”

In Norway, Cod Liver Oil (CLO) is synonymous with omega3s. A  Pharmacist named Peter Møller developed a new technology in the production of CLO for human consumption, which he tested out in Kristiansund in the 1850s. This laid the foundation for his very own cod liver oil product.

Fun fact: One of the first branded products in Norway was
Peter Møller’s Cod Liver Oil

The technology in extracting and refining Omega3s for human consumption has seen massive developments since then. We like to think that our ancestors in Kristiansund built the foundation to where GC Rieber VivoMega now make some of the worlds best Omega3s. Going back 150 years, it was only the liver of the cod that was used as the source for the Omega3s. The oils quickly turned rancid, and many adults still remember the terrible taste. With today’s technology, we utilize the fat from the whole fish, mostly anchovy and sardines, and can tailor make high Omega3 concentrates where toxins are removed, and taste and smell are more or less absent. Thus, foul taste and smell is no longer an excuse to not implement high quality Omega3 supplements to your diet.

The Norwegians have known for centuries that Omega 3s are important for your overall health. In particular we have consumed Omega3s during the months of winter or the months with an “R” to boost immunity. Now we know that vitamin D is important during the dark months of winter. Omega3s are good for all stages of life all year round.

There are thousands of studies that has shown that Omega3 can have a positive effect on targeted health benefits such as eye health, brain health, heart health, prenatal and maternity health. In addition there are many interesting studies that has indicated that Omega3s also have positive impact on sports recovery, immune health, relieved bone & joint pain, improved cognitive development in children and slowing down symptoms of dementia.

Fact: The Omega3 DHA is as important for your brain as calcium is for your bones

Unfortunately most people do not get nearly enough through their standard diet.

To make sure you get enough omega3s we recommend the following:

  • Eat fatty fish at least twice a week.
  • Take an omega3 supplement . Check the supplement facts panel to make sure the amounts of EPA and DHA add up to at least 500 mg per serving, if not more!
  • Choose foods with added EPA and/or DHA omega3s when available.

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If you are curious and want to learn more about Omega3s do not hesitate to contact us.